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This memorial website was created in memory of Dr. David & Sandi Rasanen, who were both born in June 1977 and passed away together on November 19, 2004 at the age of 27.

Sandra (Sandi) Marie (Carlson) Rasanen & David Lauren Rasanen, M.D. were traveling home on a Friday evening to visit their families for Thanksgiving when a young boy in a pick-up truck suddenly crossed over the 2 lane highway and collided with them head-on, killing all 3 people instantly at the scene, including Sandi & David's beloved golden retriever dog "Sky".

We miss our loving Sandi & David dearly, will remember them always, and will love them forever!

Please visit ( to see how God is still using the lives of Sandi & David today, even while they are in Heaven.


David & Sandi became husband and wife December 28, 1996. During their 8 years together, they lived life with great passion. David completed a medical degree and was in an orthopedic surgery residency program. Sandi was an elementary education teacher loved by her students, parents, and faculty. In spite of their hectic schedule, they loved to be a part of their church and community. In every place they lived, they used their gifts and abilities to glorify God. They taught classes, led small groups, worked in children's ministries, and found time to know all their neighbors personally. Their love for others was evident by their constant involvement in the lives of those around them.

David & Sandi lived their faith in Jesus Christ in every part of their lives. Their focus was to pease and serve God with all their hearts. Though their years were few, they lived a very rich and full life. They traveled to places all over the world including New York, South Africa, and Europe. David & Sandi dreamed dreams and their dreams became their reality.

Now, the largest of all dreams has come true - they are standing in the presence of Almighty God. We are so very proud of David & Sandi, they have finished the race, kept the faith, and are home together.


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Tributes and Condolences
You'd be proud   / Brian Carlson (Dad & father in law )
Just wanted to say you'd be proud of your two sisters Sandi - they are terrific moms, as you woulda been also. Steph has been a mom to Ephraim almost 3 years now (will be in June), and Stacey for 8 months now to Zach. And your brother in laws Dustin ...  Continue >>
Nephews  / Stephanie (Sister)
It's been 12 years now. Some days it feel like a lifetime since we last saw you guys, but then other brief moments it feels like just yesterday. You have two nephews. Stacey's son Zachary and my son Ephraim. They are both beautiful miracles. They hav...  Continue >>
Sandi's last journal entry   / Stacey (Carlson) Gaul (Sandi's sister )
August 3, 2004 "Oh, God, this life is so fragile. That you may preserve our trust in you. You are our rock, our fortress, our deliverer. You are everything to me - my very breath." - Sandi
Steph's 30th birthday   / Dad Carlson (father)
As we are getting ready to celebrate Steph's 30th birthday I am thinking of you Sandi and David.  I miss you so much these last almost 7 years now.  I can only imagine how it is to be present with our Savior Jesus Christ in paradise.  ...  Continue >>
Three Sisters   / Stacey &. Stephanie Carlson &. Brown (Younger Sisters )
THREE SISTERS by Francis I. Gillespie  We are three sister's three sister's are we I love each of you, and I know you love me we're not alway's together, life sometimes keeps us apart. But we're never seperated we're in each other's heart. now ...  Continue >>
Authenticity / Stephen Schultze (high school teacher and coach )    Read >>
Live Life More Intentionally  / Jamie Duda (school friend )    Read >>
We are citizens of Heaven!  / Diane Zey (friend)    Read >>
All it takes is a smile  / Lori Edgerton     Read >>
Rasanen and Carlson family  / Nicole (Watters) Erlandson (Friend)    Read >>
Role Model  / Stacey Carlson (sister)    Read >>
Nearly 3 years  / Brian Carlson (Dad - father in law )    Read >>
I Miss You Guys! :_(  / Stacey Carlson (Sandi's youngest sister )    Read >>
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